For our project in Blackrock we started the same as we do with every other project, We met with our customers to begin the quotation and design process.

The customer asked for a open plan living area with a large sliding door leading onto a patio at the rear of there property and we set out to give them what they desired. After some back and forth with our customer finalizing details  a start date was agreed and expected the project to take about 3 months to complete.

Demolition & Preparation

The rear wall of the property was removed and supported for work to commence on preparation for installation of the sliding door and patio. Work began inside to remove internal walls and prepare for installation of a new kitchen.

Installation & Finishes

The next step was installation of new doors and wall finishes.

When all construction was was complete the kitchen could be fitted and painting and flooring could be completed.

The Finished product

After all the above steps were completed all furniture could be moved into the space resulting in a lovely new living space for this family to enjoy.

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