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  • 45+ description points

  • The most detailed renovation quote on the market

  • 3D project visualisation

  • Broken down to the separate section

  • Easily add, remove or change items

  • Ready in 14 days from the initial meeting with  money back GUARANTEE

Let’s avoid unexpected costs and maximize your renovation within the budget


Why Our Quotation?

Our unique quotation process can save you €5000+ by preventing unexpected costs, so you can renovate your living space without the stress of breaking the budget.

Work Accountability

Detailed project breakdown makes us easily accountable, so you will get exactly what was agreed in the project.

Price Transparency

By making each task price transparent, you can rest assured that you are getting what you paid, without being overcharged.

Accuracy of Budget Matching

Deep property investigation allows us to minimize any surprise cost, so you will get a highly accurate project cost that matches your budget.

Task & Budget Adjustability

Any changes in the project need to be confirmed by you before execution, so you have peace of mind that any changes fit within your budget.

Here is how we deliver more value

General Quote vs Our Quotation

General quotes

P&T quote

Site investigation


approx 1h


approx 3h

Unexpected cost minimization



Budget matching accuracy



Work Accountability


Only category description



Each task description

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

Price Transparency


Price for project only

Demolition - Price


Price for each task

Task 1 - price
Task 2 - price
Task 3 - price

Budget & tasks adjustability


Demolition - Price


Task 1 - price
Task 2 - price
Task 3 - price

Task 4 - price

Quote outline



Quote delivery

by phone/e-mail


approx 2h




Not provided

Our Quotation Process

Our policy is to provide quotations on an individual basis that is Customer Focused.

From over 20 years of experience, we know how to find areas that can produce unexpected costs. Thanks to deep property investigation we can plan and include them in your quote, so your renovation goes smoothly, without breaking the bank.

Property Investigation

Duration: approx 3h

  • Budget expectation
  • Project scope overview (what client wants)
  • Site access overview
  • Areas that might have a big impact on unexpected project costs
  • Property potential overview to maximize living space
  • Measurments recording for accurate quotation
  • Suggestions on project adjustments and future planning (disability access, bigger family)
  • Answering all questions from experience and practical point of view


Quote Outline

Duration: 3-4h

  • Scope of work and task details description
  • Unexpected costs areas/budget planning
  • Materials research with actual pricing
  • Price negotation with suppliers
  • Cost calculation per task


Quote Reveal Meeting

Duration: approx 1h

  • Tasks step quotes discussion
  • Unexpected costs areas budget discussion
  • Quote valid 60 days from meeting date
  • If yes, the price of the quote will be reduced from the final project price


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    Detailed Quote

    • In-person project consultation with measurements
    • 45+ project description items
    • Ready in 14 days or money back
    • Valid 2 months
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    Currently, we are not conducting appraisals.

    Detailed Quote incl. 3D Visualization

    • In-person project consultation with measurements
    • 45+ project description items
    • Ready in 14 days or money back
    • Valid 2 months
    • 3D visualization
    Next Project Available Starting Date:

    Currently, we are not conducting appraisals.

    Here is what your final quote will look like

    The Most Detailed and Transparent Quote on the Market + 3D Visualization

    Fully Insured

    We have your project and our people comprehensively insured to make sure that if anything untoward should happen, you or your project will not suffer as a result. We have CAR (contractors all risks) and public liability insurance on your renovation project.

    Owner Operating

    Paul and Tomas are literally hands-on-owners. Paul will insure that he incorporates all your design requirements in the final quotation (and design if necessary). To ensure that all work is carried out on site in a professional manner and to the highest standard, Tomas is our “feet on the ground”.

    1 Year of Guarantee

    We are sure of the quality of our work we complete that we offer an extended warranty on the work for one year after completion of the project. We “snag list” every renovation before completion so this has never been used. It doesn’t affect any of your other statutory rights.

    One-Stop Shop

    As you can see from our detailed quotation process we cover every possible scenario to ensure you get the maximum living space, the best quality work and the finest materials for a renovation. You and P&T will be proud of for years to come.

    Cork Based

    We are located in Cork. Based on Sarsfields Road in Wilton – so our support team is always close at hand. All of our construction and renovation teams are Cork based also. We are close to all materials suppliers making your choices easier.

    Quote Valid 60 Days

    Because we have to be mindful of fluctuating materials’ prices our quotes are valid for 2 months from the time we show you your final quote. Our experience – given how detailed our quote is, is that most people will decide within 48 hours.


    Testimonials on building work completed by P&T Complete Renovations

    I was really stuck for ground work to be carried out on my property, the sewer was after packing up. P&T came in and gave me a price, turned up on time, they really put my faith back in builders. Top Class Work. Fantastic.

    J. Murphy

    Site Manager
    Paul and his team took ownership of the job and were proactive in proposing solutions to issues as they arose. The completed apartment is a credit to their skills and professionalism. I would happily recommend them to a friend or colleague.

    C. O’ Connor

    Sales Manager
    P&T provide an extremely high level of service. Paul and Thomas, and their colleagues, are a pleasure to deal with; and the level of craftsmanship is second to none. The quotations are competitive and they provide a detailed breakdown of the costings. I recommend them without reservation.

    A. Davis & L.M. Jenkins

    I couldn't recommend P&T highly enough, everything went exactly according to plan. Extra, last minute alterations were accomadated and Paul was always available by phone to discuss options.

    A. Burke

    Jan 2017
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