About us

About us

Paul and Thomas Complete Renovations were until recently known as VJ and Paul Complete Renovations.

VJ Bronk now specialises in bathroom renovations and Paul Arendt has a new partner in the building sector, Thomas Sokalski. VJ and Paul continue to work closely together.

As with VJ and Paul, the new company, P&T Complete Renovations, employ only certified contractors for all building work. If any structural work is required, fully qualified engineers are always included on the team – to insure that your renovation is structurally sound and totally safe.


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About us

Meet The Team

About us

Paul Arendt

Managing Director of P&T Complete Renovations

Paul Arendt is Company Manager & Business Development Manager of P&T Complete Renovations. Paul is your first & last point of contact with the company, providing your initial consultation and ensuring your overall satisfaction with the job.

Paul has over 15 years experience in the building trade. He has a broad range of building skills and is a qualified carpenter. Paul has developed an extensive knowledge of all aspects of Home Renovation and his attention to detail is second to none.

Until recently, Paul worked in partnership with VJ Bronk. Their company, VJ & Paul, proved to be extremely successful. VJ and Paul are now specialising in different areas, with a referral system in place. Paul acted as Project Manager in this company, co-ordinating the team of tradesman and service providers, to ensure that everything is finished to perfection.

About us

Thomas Sokalski

Partner & Director of P&T Complete Renovations

Thomas is a qualified builder with over 25 year work experience in the building trade.

He has a broad range of general building skills and in particular an extensive knowledge of home renovations.

His attention to detail is second to none which is why Thomas is your ideal site foreman and project manager.

He is responsible for co-ordinating all other tradesmen & services to ensure that everything is finished to perfection.

About us

Klaudia Kostrzewa

Customer Service

Klaudia has been working with us since March 2021.
She consistently provides timely and professional services, manages and organizes all aspects of the office to ensure that all departments of the business are running smoothly and efficiently.

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