The Essential Guide For Building Your House Extension

There isn’t a one-fits-all option when it comes to building your home extension. It can be fraught with danger if you do not know what you are supposed to know when it comes to extending your kitchen, renovating or upgrading your bathroom, or a full house renovation.

Your extension is going to be unique to you and your home is more important to you than to anyone else on the planet whether it is worth €100,000 or €1m.

Shower panels or tiles: which one is right for your bathroom?

So you have decided to renovate or update your bathroom and realistically the first decision you have to make is; Shower panels or tiles, which one is right for your bathroom?

All design aspects colours, textures and contours fall into place after that.

The reason to have a bathroom is to wash so it follows that the shower area should take centre stage. Hopefully, this information will help you to decide what’s best for your bathroom renovation.

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