Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Protecting your family at home

Health and Safety comes first with P&T Complete Renovations. For you and your family, we guarantee compliance with ALL Government Building Regulations for attic conversions, ensuring that your family will be safe should fire occur in your home.

We only use fully qualified contractors for all building work and engineers are always on our team for any structural projects.

P&T provide professional advice for Health and Safety in the workplace:

To ensure Primary Access and Emergency Exit
To comply with Fire & Safety Legal Requirements
To provide Escape Provision
To ensure Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
To warrant that electrical fittings are professionally designed and installed
To ascertain compliance with all issues other than Fire Safety, including Structure,
Materials and Workmanship, Sound Insulation, Ventilation and Conservation of Fuel and Energy, including Thermal Insulation.

Convert your attic AND protect your family with P&T

The relevant Technical Guidance Document on how to comply can be viewed on The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government website:

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